Prevent screenshots

Is there a way to prevent screenshots from a Glide app? If not, would love the ability to include information sensitive items that should not be shared outside of the app/sheet.

I understand that people could take photos, so there’s no 100% foolproof way, but something to deter would be good.

Screenshots are a part of the software that is used by the device, for example on a android device holding down power and volume down key at the same time takes a screenshot no matter what app you are in. These cannot be prevented by any app. If you have control of the devices your staff/users use to access your app then you can disable it with access to that device’s settings.

This post was created in 2019 and just popped up in unread…wow…


I don’t think this is possible as of yet. Android Apps have the ability to block screenshots, but I don’t think websites can do so.

I have yet to see one Pablo, this is hard coded into android. Especially stock version of android. Now a samsung might have their own version of a screenshot that can be disabled but apps dont have root access to that part of android.

Snapchat can detect screenshots. I think in their earlier years they would blank the screen or had some sort of mechanism to block a screenshot. Now they just send a notification to the user who sent the snap that the recipient took a screenshot.

Mint is another one that does not allow screenshots. If I try, I get a message that screenshots are not allowed by the app or the organization. I’d take a screenshot of it, but I’m not allowed. :wink:

The question would be if a website can control any of that functionality through a browser. The examples above are native apps, so they probably have deeper access into an OS. Websites and PWA’s might be a different story altogether.

PS, I run on Motorola, which is as close to stock android as you can get without going to a Pixel.


Unfortunately I’m pretty sure that this is not possible. As stated above we are on a web backend which won’t have access to the OS compared to a native app.

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Then you have a desktop browser which will probably let you screenshot anything. At least in Windows, you have the Print Screen key as well as the Snipping Tool which won’t stop you from capturing anything. If somebody really wants a copy, they will find one way or another.

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I am trying this now. And I have a motorola G6 Power and I can take screenshots with it on Intuit’s Mint app.

Jeff, is that the same Mint you are talking about? I saw a few on there and figured it would be the likeliest one

Interesting. I’m running the Moto G Power (8th gen???) Android 10. Let me fire up my old G6 and see what that does.

Yes, the Intuit version.

Might have to run it through some app updates and any system updates first.

Tried to screenshot mint on my moto g6 running android 9 (no rooting or modifications). That was a no go. But instead of a temporary popup, I got a notification saying that I can’t screenshot. Couldn’t even screenshot the notification until I closed the app.

Right, all apps are viewable on a desktop. Is there away to prevent making a screenshot there? Don’t think so. Or if it was the case and I wanted I’d make a picture of the desktop screen with my mobile :wink:

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Yeah, a deterrent will keep honest people honest. If people really want the data, they’ll find one way or another to get it.



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Maybe there’s a way to just make it a black screen when the buttons are pressed…

@Jeff_Hager, I do have a rooted phone and I’m running vanilla android 10.0 It’s a November 2020 build. That may be the difference. Your screenshot function and mine may not be the same.

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That could be. You seem like the type to root your phone. :wink:


Where I come from, that has a slightly different meaning :joy:


Ha! I had to google that one. Definitely wouldn’t want to “root” my phone in Australia…or mention it for that matter.

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You live in Australia? Hmmmm…