Private with Email: sheet copy per user

In relation with the other thread about users’ privacy, I’ve been looking for another way to log-in to Glide apps which I would call “Private with Email”. It means that the internal sheet will be copied into the user’s private Google account, rather than being hosted in the Glide developer’s account. Yes it means that the user will have to log in using his Google ID, rather than with the Email+PIN mechanism.

It would solve 2 issues:
1- the user would enjoy complete privacy with his data
2- it would push away the limitation size for the sheet’s number of rows, as the user will have to deal only with his own records.

However I am aware that it would have one drawback: I won’t be able to make a feature change in the app that requires a change in the sheet’s structure. But this could be solved with source branching, which is a separate feature request I just made here.

IF it is really that important to you,
Glide does not currently allow separation of data but Appsheet, “Glides competitor” does.

Appsheet allows you to select whether or not the app user’s data will stay on your side or their’s while still being able to edit the app.
Good luck using and paying for appsheet tho… $10per user

I’ve done more with Glide in 3 month than i did with appsheet in 3 years even tho Appsheet has more technical functionality than glide.

Appsheet allows you to capture gps data from the phone, geofencing, automatically search addresses and much more.

Gilde is just overall easier to use and gives you the ability to accomplish more with less.

Appsheet also use google sheets backend.

Thanks for the tip about Appsheet! Actually 10$ per user is much cheaper than Glide’s 20$ per app!

Now that I’m engaged with Glide, both financially and technically, let’s hope that Glide will stick up to its competitors with those missing features :slight_smile:

Its not the app that’s important its the users… Just ask Google, Facebook Amazon.

They all have one thing in common. 1 app to one million users. Who do you think these app Giants would use for a service if they had to choose between glide and appsheet.

With App sheet there is no future for the developer making money by reselling apps. Only thing you can do is build an app for yourself and share it with your friend.

Many glide users like myself have a hope for earning money.

Anyway while I was using appsheet I built about 30 apps and have never activated the user side data option.

Because just as important as having unlimited users, its being in control of the users data. This preserves the integrity of the services you provide just in the same way face book, Amazon and Google controls your data.

Look, just turn on the delete button so they can delete anything at their whim, that’s as much data control app users need.

Side note.

I called my bank the other day, and in order to conduct business she asked me for my information so she could “pull up” my account.

The irony is she already has all my information and could pull it up at anytime whether I give her my info or not.Its the illusion of security that America has that’s keeping us quiet.

You need to sell your app as being secure, private and when your users ask you for support, ask them to “give you their account access code” so you can pull up their account. You can further ask, “may i have permission to look at your account.”

Just don’t go around telling your users ha ha, I can see your data… That’s bad business. Its like a gynecologist telling their patients… (You get the drift.)

Practice etiquette and professionalism and your users will feel secure with you seeing their most intimate information.


Add privacy statements

Have strict app developer standards.

Communicate your values.

The guarantee and security you give your users should come from you, not a line of code.

Computer codes changes often but our principles rarely do. Let them trust you not the app.

Finally lets not give glide reasons to charge us any more money. The reason why i spend time helping you finding solutions is that it’s cheaper than having glide build the solution in the App

Glide has already added some unnecessary features that were present in Google sheet. Glide has also started charging for using stripe payment integration, another free feature.

Glide is in the business of making money, the more solutions i provide to the community, the least likely they’ll charge me for free things I already have and don’t need or will never use.


Yes I get your point, and I’m aware of the real business of the GAFA gang where I’m the product etc. Your views are smart, brilliantly aware and quite cynical.

But I do want the line of code that will make me feel that I’m not lying to my users, that I have a privacy mechanism behind my privacy policy. After all I wish I had the same from the apps I use, so why not start with myself?

I’m embarrassed of seeing people naked (Thor saw the Hulk gladiator drop his towel and now he can’t get it out of his head). And I don’t need that, nor do I want to make business out of that. I guess I’m not made for this kind of app business, but I just love making them and get problems solved the right way, rather than workarounds. That’s my fétiche. And I want my Glide provider to satisfy my pervert lack of curiosity. And if they do satisfy me, then they deserve their well-earned money. I just [naively] hope they don’t use my data because I already pay them.

There is a way to protect users privacy from the eyes of their service providers, and from the danger of major leaks. GAFA knows it, and Europe wants it with is GDPR thing. There is a trend, and it is in our interest to encourage it.

Modified topic name, perhaps row owners satisfies this request.