Is Glide ok for us?

I’m new on Glide: it looks like a fast way to develop an urgent App that we need to offer to our subscribers. We are free to choose the Pro plan or even the Private Pro plan, but I’m not quite sure if Glide can satisfy the following requirements:
The App is a sort of private journal for at least 100 subscribers with future forecast to 500.
Each subscriber can write some daily notes and values (approx. 5 notes and 5 values) that are not shared (private data).
Each day they can read from us a few common suggestions or access other info with text or link to our website that we will store weekly in the table (for all of them).
Each user will have a summary page with trend or graph showing their progress.
Is Glide ok with:

  • concurrent daily users and limits: are ok with our needs?
  • subscribers-only access via password
  • subscribers will write/read only their own data. Personal daily data will be stored for 1 year or at least 6 months.
  • Where are personal data stored (our Google sheet or Glide sheet or customer device?)
  • Which Glide plan do you suggest?
    Thanks a lot for your help!

This will all work with the Private Pro plan. Password access will not work, because you can not separate user data based on password login.

Thanks for your prompt reply!

Password is not a must for us, but how can we limit access to the app only to those who paid for it?

And for GDPR and privacy: personal answers are stored locally on the subscriber device or in Glide server? Is it possible for them to share the data with us if they agree to?


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The normal process to sign in with user email and pin would work in place of a password. The Private Pro plan will allow you to restrict who has access to the app by using a whitelist sheet of only the permitted email addresses. Data storage is on the Glide server’s as well as the google sheet if you are using google sheets instead of glide tables.