Filter rows by signed in user's unique id

OK @Lighted_Candle, regardless of the endless debate about service providers having access to data and associated identity, the point about copying the app is interesting.
I know about the fact that copying the app will duplicate the sheet and keep it private to the user.

But it has 2 issues:
1- it means my users have to be Glide users, which I can’t reasonably ask from profane users
2- It breaks the possibility for me to upgrade features (and fix bugs) seamlessly.

To fix #1, it would be great if Glide allowed users to log-in with their Google ID, so that it would duplicate the inner sheet to their account. It’s a feature I asked some time ago in a direct conversation with Glide developers, but I didn’t proceed with this thread. I guess I will make it a more official feature request.

For fixing #2, it is possible too with he above feature proposal, if we don’t copy the Glide app itself. Still, a problem would remain in case the feature changes come with a change in the sheet’s structure, in which case we would need some backward compatibility mechanism, and that would get so complicate that I would refrain from asking for such a feature…
Instead, I would propose that Glide prevent changing the sheet in case it was shared in “Copiable” mode (another option next to “Public with Email”, “Whitelist” etc), and if the Glide user-developer insists on doing so, there would be a warning that next users will have a duplicate branch of the app (a bit like a branch in source control), and older users will never benefit again of improvements from the new branch. Yes, I’m proposing that Glide support dev branching…

Back to the debate about privacy agreement between the service provider and the user, many companies enforce a mechanism (based on user unique id) to prevent exposing the users’ private life to the developers. An app developer is not an accountant/lawyer/doctor with whom the user has explicitly agreed to share his life secrets.

I’m sharing this pointer which deals more thoroughly with the identifier issue and the European GDPR regulation (which Google now complies with):

I just went ahead an posted the two corollary feature requests: