Private User Limit

Hi all,
Last month I tried to add a customer to access the app and was told I’d reached my Private User Limit and that it’d reset at the end of the month. I have tried again this month but they are still getting the Private User Limit Reached message when trying to log in.
Any ideas how to fix this?
Many thanks

How many private users does your plan allow? How many users are actively using the app? If all active users from last month are active in this month, then you will still hit your private user limit.

I only have a limit of 3 users, but I’m the only account thats logged in via 1 email address, yet its showing 3 Private Users

It may not have reset yet. Check your Usage dashboard and you’ll see something like the following near the top:

Screen Shot 2023-01-02 at 11.44.33 PM

Cheers Darren,
Unfortunately its showing ‘Resets in 30 days’ and on the right it had 3/3 Private Users already, yet im the only one whos logged in!

How many users are in your User Profiles table?

Actually, I’m not sure if Private User count resets at the same time that Updates are reset. It might be that User Counts are reset based on the last login time. (I’ll try and find out).

How long is it since anyone else logged into your App?

There’s 2 profiles in the Users tab; myself and the customer (who I added unsuccessfully last month and tried again today). The only other person who had access was a colleague that helped with some glitches during November but they were added as a team member, not a User Profile.
Cheers for the help, Dar. Much appreciated

Okay, I’ve confirmed that user counts are reset with your billing cycle.

If your billing cycle has already reset (and it sounds like it has), then I’m not sure what else I can advise.

Actually, do you have any other Apps in the same team?
User limits are team based rather than project based. So if you have other Apps, that could explain it.

1 other app, but I am the only person who has logged into that as its early stages. Do you know if theres any way to see what the email addresses are of the Private Users that have supposedly logged in? This may help me work something out.

Not on a free plan, I’m afraid.

The only other thing I can suggest is if you think you know which other emails might have been used to sign into the App, you could try purging them with the “Delete User Data” option (found under Settings → Data).

I don’t know whether or not this would have any impact (I suspect it won’t), but it might be worth a shot.


Hi Darren,
I did a full data purge of all the email addresses I could think of that may have been linked to the app and it seemed to have solved the issue!
Many thanks for all your help!!