How are private users defined?

I know this has been asked a few times, but I don’t know if this particular case has been addressed.

I have an app that is publicly available, and allows for anyone to create a profile.

However, I also have specific users that I’ve entered into the Users table with pre-defined data (email, name, school, etc.) I want those to be pre-filled so that when those users log in, everything is already filled out for them.

Do they count as Private users because they have been pre-defined? My free account is maxed at 3/3 private users even though I have it set to Public Access, Optional Sign-in and Anyone can create a profile.

No, they won’t count as Private.

Signed in users are only counted as Private if:

  • you restrict who can sign in (in which case ALL signed in users are private), or
  • you assign a Role to a signed in user

Thank you for that clarification. I’m not sure how I’m showing 3/3 private users then. No Roles assigned either. Maybe it was from fiddling with the settings and temporarily causing them to be considered private and it just hasn’t reset?

Yes, quite possibly. The below might be worth a try:

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Thanks again!

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