Are Private users reset each month?

just want to know if private users are reset each month
Thanks in advance

Private users are reset each month.

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thank you for your quick response. Let me please give a case. Presently i have 9 signed in private users.
If they still signed in the next month, 10 new private users could be added so that the second month i could have 19 signed in private users?


Ok Thank you Darren.

Shouldn’t they count the original 9 as well, if they sign in again during the next month?

Yes, so in the second month the count would be 19.
That was the question, right?

I’m not quite sure what the intended question would mean. Say if you need 19 users in the User Profiles table then that would work, but if all 19 signs in then I assume only 10 would actually be able to do so?

hmm, maybe I misread the question.

I interpreted it as: “I have 9 private users this month. If the same 9 sign in next month plus 10 new ones, will I have 19?”

@ndiapro - perhaps you can clarify? Did I correctly understand your question, or?

No Darren, i mean during the next month, are the 19 private users able to sign in and get access to the PRIVATE app or only 10.

oh, right.

Well, that depends on your Plan. Assuming that you have a Starter Plan, then no. Only the first 10 users will be able to sign in during any given month. They don’t have to be the same 10 users every month - just the first 10.

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ok thank you

So glide is not suitable to create a private app for many users
:pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

Sure it is, and that’s probably Glide’s biggest target market - private Apps for business.

But private apps create extra value, so they come at a cost.

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