Pricing / Account Questions

Hi there. I’m reviewing Glide aganist Bubble right now for a project. And I have a couple of questions @JackVaughan. (For the record I prefer Glides design and ease of use :smiley:)

Suppose I have a SaaS business where my customers are small businesses. And I have about 50-100 small businesses who are paying for my app on a monthly basis.

  1. Can I run them all off the 1 app? (Assuming I can set it up so I only share data with people that is relevant for their company) (Preferred option)

  2. Or do I need to create 50 individual apps with different sheets?

And what happens when I max out the data? (25,000 data rows)?

Could you explain a little more about what your app does and the experience for each business?

If you’re using Google Sheets, you may start to experience slowness beyond 25,000 rows. However, if you use Glide Tables then these limits are much, much higher.

I would also suggest reading the pricing page thoroughly and thinking about Public v.s Private. I suspect you’ll want to limit access to your app via email – which is only possible on the private plans.

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What do you mean by this?