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I am super confused about the 25000 row limit in Glide. I am considering signing up for Glide, but not really sure how the limits would pan out. The documentation says the limit is per app. So if my app has 10 tables, will I be limited to a total of 25000 rows across all tables together? If that’s the case, it seems really low. If I were to build a simple CRM app, then across accounts, contacts, leads, deals, and activities, I see it getting used up in no time. Not to mention the performance issues one may start facing when approaching the limit. Can someone from Glide shed light on this please?


Yes, that is 25k rows per app, across all tables that are used by that app.

If you need more data, then consider a Business or Enterprise plan that allows you to connect to high scale data sources.


Welcome to Glide’s community forum, Bobby.

I built a simple CRM app for a business. They did everything on paper, we moved things to Google Sheets to make the processes slightly more manageable, and only recently did we set up a basic CRM app on Glide that sits on the Google Sheet. This business doesn’t use tech at all, or quite reluctantly, and the notion of clean data in Google Sheets is a challenge and totally over their head. For such a business, I think Glide’s CRM is good.

The fact that you actually know what the acronym CRM is and use terms such as “accounts, contacts, leads, deals, and activities” might indicate that you would be just fine using one of the free-to-cheap CRM solutions out there. Unless you have a very specific use case to want to build a custom CRM, I don’t understand the concept of building one’s own CRM. CRM tools are a commodity. Have you considered opening up a free account on HubSpot or Pipedrive to see if those solutions might work for you?

Granted I do not know your specific use case.

Thank you for your reply Nathan. This is a question I’m struggling with myself. So what I’m really looking at long term is to build an ‘operating system’ for the business. Think of it as a simple ERP. The reason I am looking at Glide or other no code tools is because we are a small business and not very keen on spending top dollar for a full fledged ERP implementation. Moreover, I am in India and most of my users aren’t tech savvy. It’s tough enough getting them to fill excels, so an ERP (at least from what I have seen) will be a long winded uphill battle.

To begin with, I was hoping glide could offer an easier way to fill excel trackers (especially on mobile), and add a little bit of additional functionality like access restrictions, simple workflows, notifications, and bring all the data together and connect it for reporting in one tool. And as my users and processes mature, we could keep tacking on more functionality on our existing applications/build newer applications.

Do you think Glide would be the right fit for this? Also, since we are talking about this, where do you think Glide really shines?

Thank you for your explanation. I like the idea of using Glide as the hub for different functions within your company. For a CRM only I would have questioned the purpose, but for a CRM and other processes (operations, HR, sales, etc.) this makes sense.

I think the best is to look at Glide’s website, they do a good job at explaining what industries and use cases they serve well. Overall, custom business software for existing businesses is a good use case for Glide.

Depending on the data limits you will need, you might decide to use high-scale data sources (BigQuery, SQL, Glide Big Data), and usually this will bring you to the business and entreprise plans. Up to you to see if this is in line with your company’s budget.


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