What if my app needs way more than 25k rows of database?

I’m working on an app that potentially will have a database of way more than 25k rows, in that case I should just look into other services, right?
I mean, maybe it’s a limit of the service itself rather than a price reason?

Calculating that 2,5k more rows are almost the same price as the starting 25k, it would cost way too much (and, btw, could I add 2.5k+2.5k+2.5k and so on?)

Probably Glide Tables will let you scale way more than 25k, but it’s new and doesn’t let you mass upload data for now so not a solution for the moment.

Hi @MaxB

Here are a few posts worth noting


What do you mean by “glide tables”?



Oh right, I forgot about those as I didn’t understand what they were ^^ I should have another look now that I’m more accustomed to glide

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