Number of apps allowed per account

New to Glidesapp. Is there a limit to how many apps you can create per account? Thanks!

There’s no limit on free apps. You pay per app if you need to upgrade to upgrade to a different plan. Or you can buy the app boosts which I believe apply to all of your free apps.

Thanks! So, I can create for instance 50 apps on the free account but would pay to upgrade those to a higher level (paid account)? Just want to make sure I understand.

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Thanks. We are working on an election app. We have 50 districts and a total of 40K rows of records. Just trying to figure out if the monthly app is better or if easier to create apps for each district. Either way, the data would have to be split up since the paid app only has ability for 25K rows.

25k is not a hard limit, but you may run into some minor slowness. I’ve tested up to 120k with a very basic set of data and no filters set. It did start to slow things down, so at 40k, you may be ok. I’d think a single paid app would be better so you don’t have to modify several apps whenever you want to make a change.

Most of the limitation to 25k is due to bottlenecks when syncing data with the google sheet. If you are able to use the new built in glide sheets, then you could overcome that bottleneck since the data is not synced with a google sheet.

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Thanks! How do you access the built in glide sheets? I only see the option to use a template or a google sheet. Is that option only on the paid version? It would be great to only use one app if possible.