Prevent Integromat from Replacing {{app:score}}?

Going crazy over here. Tried this first with Zapier, not trying Integromat.

Is there a way to prevent Integromat from interpreting {{app:score}} as a variable?

I need to include it in some JSON sent to Typeform:

    "thankyou_screens": [
            "ref": "12f4ef0d-9c59-434f-b461-d5864c11a7d1",
            "title": "Your Score: *{{var:score}} / 2*"

This works when testing in Postman, but Integromat removes the {{var:score}}.

I also tried \{\{var:score\}\}, but that errored out as invalid JSON.

I figured it out! :tada: Works in Zapier and Integromat.

You have to replace the character with the HTML Entity.


  • {{
  • }}

Altogether, instead of adding {{var:score}} in the JSON, I put this {{var:score}} and it worked.

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What’s the use case?

Typeform uses the same variable tags as Zapier and Integromat. So if I want to use a variable when editing a Typeform through their API, I have to use the variable tag.

I’m working on a proof of concept to manage quizzes in Typeform from a Glide app. Response summaries would be pulled through the Fetch Plugin. Since quizzes have lots of responses, the row count can grow exponentially if you have a growing list of quizzes and quiz takers.

The variable tag is needed in the Quiz to show the Quiz taker their results after taking the quiz on the end screen.


Cool concept…love the fetch column.

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