Are you an Airtable/Integromat Pro? I need your help!

In Airtable, I can paste a comma separated string of record ids into a linked column and have that link column recognize those three values.

However, when I try to update the cell via an Integromat scenario, I get an error that the string I’m passing is an invalid record id:

What am I doing wrong?

How is data going out from glide? Is it separated or already a comma separated string?
If separated, where do you create the string? In integromat?

I abandoned Integromat on this one—went to Zapier and got it done with THE EXACT SAME LOGIC FLOW :roll_eyes: …c’mon integromat


Hi @Robert_Petitto I have been working on Integromat, if you still want to debug this, I could try. I’ll need to see the module settings though.
Meanwhile, looks like the the column is a Multi linked column, in which case, you will need to Add Item in the field mappings. From what you said about copy pasting, it’s not clear if you did that.

@Robert_Petitto from the looks I don’t think the iterator is correctly setup, Integromat usually wraps bubbles within a loop into a grey bubble.

Further it seems it’s sending a single string instead of an array. Within the module’s id field, use the array formula split(records,",") and it will transform them.

I don’t have it in front of me, but hope that helps. Love Integromat over Zapier as it allows to apply functions in line.


I’d suggest using call API action in similar cases