Wrong number labelling from glide to make (integromat)

I don’t understand. When I pass a number from a glide table to make (ex integromat), the label of this variable is named after its value (e.g variable = 100 → label = params.‘100’.value). Hence, when the value changes, the variables’ label don’t match anymore.

fyi the type of the variable is string

What can I do?

You should be setting the label to a static value instead of pointing it to a column. Only the value should point to the column. It would help to see how you have it configured in Glide.

So, I have a webhook sending the value “Prix HT (final)” to make. “Prix HT (final)” is computed from the column “Prix” or from the column “Prix HT from TTC”

Can you show how the webhook is configured in glide? I’m betting that you are pointing the label at the column instead of typing in a static value.

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Yes I think it’s pointing at the column

You should change the left side to custom and type a value for your label. The left side is the the static variable name, and the right side is the variable value.


That’s what I needed ! Thank you so much

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