Pretty Link to App in this forum

Ok ok ok…someone help me out here. How come sometimes I get a pretty link to an app, like this one:

And sometimes it just shows up like this:

I know that the link has to be on its own line…does it have something to do with it being a public app vs a private one (one in which users need to sign in)?

The https makes the difference.
As far as I can tell (and I made some tests some weeks ago)

I used https…no dice.

Maybe having a description for the app? That’s the main difference I see between your two apps.

Here’s another go:


Hey!!! It worked (except for the https:// lol). Jeff, you’re awesome.

A little liquid knowledge helps sometimes.

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Would be great if it also showed the app icon. Would make it more like a Twitter card.

Yeah…it is supposed to show the icon. Maybe it only does when viewing it on a desktop.