Anyone else have issues with certain phones not acknowledging app link?

I have been sending my app out to random people to test it out before we launch and I’ve had a couple people tell me that the link doesn’t register on their phone. This has been through text and social media. The link is and instead of creating a hyperlink (as it does on most phones), it just stays as regular text. This is frustrating because then I have to direct them to the search bar to type it in there and at that point I’m going to have frustrated new users that think the app is faulty from the start. There is nothing wrong with the domain and I asked the domain provider about it already, and they said it has to do with Glide, not them.

Are you writing the link in this format?

if not, try it. I have not had a problem in this way

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As @JuanM stated, you should have “https://” with the link. I’m fairly certain that will work well.

i just resent the link to someone that was having the issue, now with the “https://” in front of it and I’ll see if they say whether it resolved it or not!

Worked! thank you!


If I were to guess, .app is probably not easily recognized as a domain and could easily be interpreted as a malformed sentence. could very easily be interpreted as the end of a sentence and the beginning of a new one with a missing space between the period and app. Otherwise a text message or social media would be turning anything into a link. Adding https:// will guarantee that a link is a link and not just text or part of a sentence.


Thanks for explaining the difference!


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