Prepopulate field(s) for user profile

TLDR. For user profiles, how do I pre-populate some fields (e.g., image) so that when a user signs up with google auth and I have their email? I’m also using the row owner feature.

My table is users, it has fields email, name, and image. Image is not the user’s profile image but an image I want when they view their profile. Currently, a user signs up – all I have is their email, I don’t have their name, I’ve been manually typing it in (another issue to solve); and then copying the image link in the image field. I would like to pre-populate the image field for each row (using the row owners feature), or add a static image on the profile page that’s not tied to the users table. (Because I’m using the row owners feature, when I try to just add a component image to the profile page, it is requiring me to choose an image based on the users table, which is using the row owners feature, which means initially the user has no image until i manually add it).

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As far as I’ve tested, you can’t do that in the profiles sheet.
I was trying to do eactly that yesterday, but even tough you already have his/her email, a new row is created when a user signs up.

Hm, that’s surprising, seems like kind of a basic scenario. Lmk if you think of any creative workarounds lol…

Does anyone else have any info re this?

Why don’t you have the row owner fill up their own info? With conditional visibility, you can hide everything else from the app except a “Finish your profile” button, and until they do, they can’t navigate anywhere else.

the image is part of the landing page so to speak, so the user wouldn’t have access to that graphic.

Did you check out this post of mine?

I’m using it to randomly generate avatar images for users until they upload their own. To do this, I’m creating a template column that merges the URL schema and their email address to generate a unique avatar. I’m then using an if then column In the data editor to show the randomly generated template if the image column is empty. If it’s not empty (meaning that the user uploaded their image) then I display the image.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the post linked above, you’ll see what the end result is!

hm, so do you think i could create a template column that instead of generating a unique avatar simply always uses the same image? it’s not an avatar, it’s truly just like a background/page image. so the user would never have an image over it.

Yes, that would work. Template column to auto fill the image URL.

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worked like a charm! tysm! :slight_smile:

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