Avatar Builders!

Creating this thread to highlight innovations to avatar builders within Glide. This first one comes from


Do you ever sleep :slight_smile: your mind must be full of ideas…just when I finish looking at one of your apps and posts on the forum another one pops up. No wonder your an expert


This is so cool

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Lol. What’s this “sleep” thing you speak of?


@Robert_Petitto Integration to the site - or you manually enjoying yourself creating lots of avatars ? :slight_smile:

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Integration…sort of. I kind of figured out the URL schema of modifying the avatar features on the site and now I’m building Glide functionality. The cool think is that the resulting image can be the avatar for the user in all other places of the app. Even better…I’m going to try to allow people to unlock avatar features by “purchasing” them. Stay tuned!


Alright y’all…try it out for yourselves!



#1 - looks good - fun!

#2 - I noticed you built it in ‘staging’ is this a problem later on when you want to move it out of staging?

#2b - I noticed the staging because I opened it in my browser! Love the web/app!

#3 - are you saying that this could feed RIGHT INTO the person’s profile pic? (no uploads, just feeds into the profile pic google sheet cell? (that’s cool if that is what you meant)

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#1: Thanks!
#2 - Yes…it will :confused:. @david…is there anyway to “transfer” an app from staging to live environment?
#2b - I know right?
#3 - That’s exactly what I’m saying!


This is amazing.
I assume you’re still using Claudinary for this images?
Why would these change so fast vs your Election US map app that takes 10 seconds to update the image?

I’m not using cloudinary, actually. The website https://getavataaars.com/ has the URL parameter-based customization built in. I just exploited it so could work with Glide :wink:

Cloudinary takes a while with my Electoral College app because it’s generating an image from a template with 50 overlays (states). Since each of the overlays has 4 variations (political parties) there are 5527200 variations of the image output. Cloudinary will cache each variation. So, the more the app gets used, the faster the image loading will occur because it will be accessing one of the cached variations rather than a fresh one.

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Very nicely done! @Robert_Petitto I see, you use the GET params:

If you get the actual SVG as a return, you can also modify the size (without loss of quality).

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If you get the actual SVG as a return

And do you know I could go about doing that? :wink:

#2. TinyGraphs Avatar Generator

This one generates a UNIQUE avatar based on text input (name, email, anything) and some other choices. Play around with it!

I added functionality in the app to build and select an avatar that you’ve designed.


So cool. Planning to make this template available?

#3. Adorable.io

Like TinyGraphs, this whimsical avatar generator will create a unique avatar based on a keyword. That keyword can be the email address or name of your user. Use case: users sign into your app and get a unique default avatar until they create one themselves.

Have a go!


Yeah…made this is staging by mistake…don’t really feel like recreating it in production. I’ll make it copiable in case you want to see it in staging and then reproduce for youself!

Sadly not, I don’t think this is ever likely to be available.

I often wish the same!

Rats. Oh well…thanks for the reply!

Can you make it copyable then YOU copy it into glide (out of staging)? I have not done much in staging so I am not aware of the way it may work.