Boring Avatars: My new favorite avatar generator

:wave: Hey fellow Gliders!

In this video, we use the rarely used Color Palette column in tandem with a construct URL column that references to generate unique avatars for your signed in users.

:point_down: Learn how create something similar for your own app by watching the 10-min video below.


Simple and useful, I think I will use it for my next app. Thanks Robert!

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This just added a whole new ux layer to one of our apps! Thanks for sharing! :fire:

Cool service! Use it in my apps too. It’s also useful for different kinds of cover images for cards or tiles. Like if we want to create some directories and subdirectories of our things.

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Here are some similar services i’ve bookmarked for myself:


Love it!

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So cool…


hehe, yeah.

I started using the Multiavatar ones in one of my apps.
If users don’t set their own, they get a random one.
I used to give them the boring Generated Image column.
It’s amazing now how many users have suddenly decided to set their own avatar :rofl:


Exactly - love the subtle influence to upload a photo or make do with what we give you!

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Looks great! :wink:

Thanks @Robert_Petitto, I loved this and used it for my directory listings (didn’t want to use a face for the business listings). But now I want to use it for my user profiles but can’t seem to find a way that Glide will allow me to use anything but the standard avatar for that, even though I have added the columns to my user sheet. Have you been able to make this happen?

Did you want to use this as a replacement for your user avatars, or as an alternative if they don’t add one themselves?

ie. will you still allow your users to add their own avatars?

If as an alternative, then you just need an if-then-else column:

  • If Image is empty, then boring avatar
  • Else Image

And then use that if-then-else column everywhere you’d normally use the user image.

If as a replacement (ie.force it), then the only way I can think of would be to use an arrayformula in a connected Google Sheet.

What I do sometimes is use a set column during onboarding.

Boring avatar generated image > set column action during onboarding > user profile image. Best of both worlds.


Actually I was just going to use the temp avatar image (for now) on their profile tab until they upload one - which is where I can’t change it. Just thought I was missing something somewhere.

Thanks. I will see what I can do with this - have not yet set up onboarding but I think this is the way to go from here.

Thanks for sharing! Useful and interesting. Will take some time to test it. I’ll also recommend a lesser-known online random avatar generator, With it, you can create personalized avatars to be used as profile images on any platform.