New Avatar generated images display with sharp corners in a cards layout with round edge settings - in production even though GDE shows them properly

Please see same list item in GDE vs. in the app. Please correct this as soon as possible so we can use this feature without the inconsistency! :pray:t3:


I tried to use this feature, but every single test I made it didn’t work

Is there any trick? Lol

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What happened when you tried? So far my only issue has been the top corners not rounding when set to rounded cards!

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Well, any of the options I choose (triangles or mesh) and set a value from, but when I click in Done, the columns are always blank…

Sometimes it shows something but for secs and then disappears

@Deena your bug is in other inlines also


Bizarre! If I have an image in the “from” field under configuration, it works well. By the way, why is this called an “Avatar” generator. They’re not avatars?! But better than empty image so I am using! :innocent:

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Mine doesn’t show anything

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:bug: :bug: :bug:


I realized your column automaticaly shows like a blue icon (like a user-specific column) but, in my case keep the same color… :bug: :bug: :bug:

Oh, but wait @Lucas_Pires, you have nothing in the “from” field. Unfortunately if you generate avatar from custom source or NO source - all avatars are THE SAME which doesn’t make sense to me and is useless (for me anyway). In my case, I have images, and use the avatar to REPLACE them if a person wants to be anonymous.

The “From” is just a seed value to generate the image. I assume no seed value equals no image. Same if the seed value is the same for all rows, then the image will be the same. If you want all images to be the same color, then every row needs to have the same seed value (possibly a template column with the same text that shows on every row). Otherwise RowID is a good source for unique seed values on every row.

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I understand all of that - just doesn’t make sense to me personally. No seed value isn’t no image - it’s a brownish image. I want unique images when no source image exists. This isn’t an avatar generator - it’s a “converter”! :upside_down_face:

“Nome” column is my user’s Name column… so yes, I have :thinking:

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It wants an image to convert. :upside_down_face:

So, thats the “trick” i wasnt getting lol let me try

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It seems like dont recognize my columns or something like that

@Deena, maybe I don’t understand what you are saying. It’s not an image converter. It generates a random image based on a text value…any text value. That’s the seed value for the generator to make the image unique. It’s working for you because it’s probably using the url as a seed value. Not the actual image. @Robert_Petitto does this with third party sites.

Like this one for example.

@Lucas_Pires Just a quick test for me shows it working quite differently in Staging vs Production, so maybe there is still a bug on the production side.


Ah, you are right Jeff - I REALLY did not think a text value could generate an image so I didn’t even try. This makes TOTAL sense now. Sorry for any confusion I caused!

Still, can this thing make a real avatar (like a person or animal etc) - am I missing something there too? haha :innocent:

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Well…it is only a day old in production and maybe only a few days old in staging. I’m sure they’ll add more options to it in the future. Gotta start somewhere.

There’s a lot of avatar generator out there that are more geometric graphics compared to images that look like people. Here’s another one.

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The feature is not called “Avatar Generator.” It’s just “Generated Image.”

We want to add more types of generated images as well, so you can quickly get some eye candy in your app.