Visually select a previously uploaded image from within a form!

A fun way to use relations and set columns to create a visual image picker from previously uploaded files from within a form!


@Robert_Petitto, Great :+1: these compound actions are really powerful!

Thanks for sharing this Robert! Can this be applied to the following screen when someone clicks upload image or does it have to be on a separate onboarding screen?

The screen you attached cannot be customized in any way yet.

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So even if I have a column of avatars to choose from, the user can still upload photo of their own?

Technically, yes. I wish this wasn’t the case … that you could disable this “action” … it breaks my if-then-else columns too.

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Yes, same here. I am trying to do something like what you did here:

I have the two sheets below, where should I be adding that first template column? I would like the column of food emojis to randomly generate one when a new user is created. The avatar you see now on the user profile sheet is my current set up where the same image populates once a new user is created, but I want to change it to the random selection of an emoji. Thanks!

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You could select one at random using a single value column, although I think that would give them a different one each time - which may be a bit off-putting.

Jen - have you considered just using the Generated Image column? I use this in most of my apps as a default user profile pic. I use the mesh option with RowID as a seed. The resultant image is visually appealing, non-offensive and gender neutral.

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Oh, the icon wouldn’t be locked in for their email address?

Yes, I did see that. I was trying to make it fun with food items. Wouldn’t it be different everytime they sign in there too?

Running it though a template might lock it in (same technique we used with the date grouping). I haven’t tried, so you’d need to test that and see.

With the generated image, you use a static seed value, so you should get the same image every time.

You could take a look at this Avatar website

Just replace the “seed” word with RowId, Email or something of the like.

Here is the sheets formula I use to replace “Seed” where column A is your avatarlink and column B is your RowID or Email.


Thanks to @Robert_Petitto on this one :+1:

Note: It’s probably best not to use real emails in this case. Never send any confidential information to generate avatars. Stick with RowID or you could even incorporate the UniqueID component into your onboard.


Hi @Robert_Petitto :slight_smile: I find your tutorial very helpful. I got a problem though with multiple users cause the selected item appears not in the first row (in the fruit selection tab) because it appears to the first row of the current user. And there are trhe rows of the other users before…
The result is that my single column has nothing, or the wrong item.
do you know how to do this ?

You might be able to use a join text column instead of the single value column.

It’s still the same problem but i found how to do the trick ! I assign the fruit selection to the user with a look up

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