CHOICE with picture

please make choice picker with picture, it would be great for restaurants, art… etc and if possible to record more than 1 value… instead 1 cell a range

You can check out this concept.


thank you, this is exactly what i need!!! but still it would be nice to have choices with pictures build in :wink:

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Definitely :smile:

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I do not know what Robert’s does (I really need to watch some of these videos others make) but why not make inline lists that use a reference that refers to that topic, or item type which is a list of pictures and the inline list is only visible when data is entered and when you select those items use compound action to add that picture where you want it?

it works, but only for sign in users, how to make it for general use? it is possible to write data in to specific cell? not relation…

yeah!!! i solved this problem lol… but is very slow to make a change when is for not sign in users ;-( also a problem with link to a current screen it copy just a link to app.

check it out … go to tab “Flag” and click choose country

I think if you do it the way I mentioned it should work as long as the entry field is in a glide sheet.

and is not working anymore!
this technic is very unreliable…

I’ve never had any issues with it.

now is working again

wierd…what browser are you using?

chrome on Mac Pro
did you try it? click my link and go to “flags”

What Robert and Drearystate mention should provide instant results regardless if a user is signed in our not. As long as you are writing to a user specific column, it should be unique for each user, but if a user is not signed in, that user specific column value will not be saved one the app is closed. You may need to share now details of where the action writes the value for the selected flag and how you are displaying the chosen flag.


it saving in the relation column, and then i filter max time stamp, to get the lates change, for a sing in user change is instant.

the biggest problem in this solution is that you can’t make the choice required, so back to square one… please make choice option with picture!

i finally fix time problem when user is not sign in, i created special sheet with one row and one one reference, and arrayformula this reference to all items… than create relation column to that sheet single reference…
now is working fast as sign in user!!!
only 2 problems still to solve …

  1. there is no increment to relation row, thats why total clicks count take time to update
  2. link to current screen is not working without screen being inline list, thats why it copy link to App, not to current screen.
  3. changes are not updating other device screen, users can’t see changes made by other user.

set column is not changing my spreadsheets anymore, but is working… what happened?