Choose an “avatar” for photo column

I have a column in my spreadsheet with a photo for each student. I have a tab of other icons that I’d like them to choose from. Ideally goes like this——

  • page shows icon options
  • student clicks one and separate page opens
  • ability to click button that would replace the current link in the “photo” column with their choice.


We don’t have a good way to do something like this yet.

Ok thank you for the reply though! I’ll continue to do it manually, would be awesome if there was a way to do it in app though! I’m sure others would use it for people to fill out profiles as well. Thanks again!

Does your App require an email for the first time it is used? The App you shared in your message doesn’t require one so it is Public, is that just a sample app? Can you share a copy of your spreadsheet with so us we can maybe come up with an alternate way to achieve what you are trying. A timed trigger that will run a script may be able to accomplish what you want is what comes to mind for me. I won’t be sure until you answer the above questions and I can see the layout. The issue may be that since you don’t require Email/Pin style of login there is no way of knowing which student is actually running the App so you can’t link a different icon to their info, because you don’t know who “they” are. I would think that if it is a select set of students then requiring an email maybe a better way to go about the whole design anyway.

True! The thing is, i’m working with 2nd graders. So some are able to log in, others only use my shared devices at school and it would be more trouble than its worth.

check this out, i think i have it figured out, i just need a label for each picture instead of just the link. I have a column with names for each image, i wish i could figure that out.

clicking one of those does change the icon. i will get a copy of the app.

Figure what out? I don’t see a question.

Sorry it’s late here and I’ve been doing this for hours, so my replies probably don’t make much sense haha.

Ideally when they click the drop down menu it would show the list of icon names, not the url of the icon. It will be a lot of trial and error this way on their end. But can you think of a way I could have the links display as labels?

I was thinking using the IF function to display the name, but realized that wouldn’t work. May have to set it aside for the night. made a lot of progress.

No problem, late for me as well. I’ll check back to see your progress and help where I can.

I’ve started to build a concept for this with what’s currently available. Hopefully it will give you some ideas. Just look for Photo Choice in the app.

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I’m excited about this. Playing around with it now to see how to integrate it into the app I have built.

THANK YOU! I will keep you posted as I work on it today.

@Jeff_Hager What you have built is PERFECT. But I can’t figure out for the life of me how to bring that into my app :persevere:

Have you copied the app and taken a look at the spreadsheet? What I’m doing is submitting a form button with the image and the attached user to a PhotoChoiceResponses sheet. Then I have a formula in PhotoChoiceUserDetails that pulls the last image that was selected for that email address. The formula is in each row as I haven’t figured out how to get that formula to populate across all rows properly with an arrayformula.

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Yes, made a copy and investigating. It’s hard to reverse engineer this though. Thank you for the help. I’m not fluent in array formulas, so the trouble I’m having is being able to click the image and have it submit as the choice for that username. I will try again. I’m afraid to play around too much because I don’t want to wreck what I have so far, and it is a complicated task to duplicate what you have, not understanding it 100%.

The key is the form button and submitting the form once you select an image. Pay special attention to the components that I have on each screen. The formula needs to placed in each image cell for each user.

=IF(ISERROR(ARRAYFORMULA(LOOKUP(2, 1/(PhotoChoiceResponses!A$2:A=A3), PhotoChoiceResponses!B$2:B))), "", ARRAYFORMULA(LOOKUP(2, 1/(PhotoChoiceResponses!A$2:A=A3), PhotoChoiceResponses!B$2:B)))

PhotoChoiceResponses!A$2:A is the email column in the form response sheet.
PhotoChoiceResponses!B$2:B is the image column in the form response sheet.
A3 is the email address column in your users sheet.

ISERROR just verifies that an email was found in the response sheet. If it’s not found, it writes a blank to the cell. If it finds a match, it returns the image.

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I will try again. I’m going to replace email with the student username.

I already have a “players” tab where their photo is located, so I’m trying to redirect the photo to that location instead of the response tab.

Could be interesting using username instead of email. My intention was to fill the the responses with the Email Special Value. I have a Choice Component to emulate that in the form, but if you are fine with having to select the user with a Choice Component, then it would be fine.
The formula would be placed in the players tab. You still need the responses sheet (filled from the form button) for it to work.

Play with it for awhile and see if you can get something that works.

You can always add additional columns to your sheet to test the formula without breaking existing data.

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Is the User Data tab necessary if I already have the players tab?

No, it shouldn’t be.