Choose an “avatar” for photo column

This might be more stress than its worth at the moment :persevere:
The only problem with my current set up is that the drop down menu is all links, and the students don’t know what they are picking. But for now, that’s how it’ll have to be until theres an easier way to do this.

@Jeff_Hager Ok… played around with it a little more. so close I can taste it…
can you please take a look at my app and see what I’m doing wrong? I am in a loop… can’t figure out where to put the code since my profile photos are linked from the player tab, meaning I have to change the code you wrote, and like I said I’m not fluent in that sort of coding. Let me know…

I am at the point where I will pay someone to code this for me.

I’m having trouble copying your app. Is there any chance you can share your sheet with me and I’ll try to take a look tonight?

Sheet should be public now! Thank you! It’s a bit of a mess right now having toyed around with it for a while. But still functions from the front end. Anything you can do would be so appreciated!!!

Try this formula in cell C2 of your PhotoChoiceUserDetails sheet. You have to drag the formula down instead of pasting in each cell. Dragging it down will auto increment cells that do not have a $ in the formula. Just highlight the C2 cell with the formula, they drag to lower right handle all the way down the sheet.

=IF(ISERROR(ARRAYFORMULA(LOOKUP(2, 1/(PhotoChoiceResponses!A$2:A=A2), PhotoChoiceResponses!C$2:C))), "", ARRAYFORMULA(LOOKUP(2, 1/(PhotoChoiceResponses!A$2:A=A2), PhotoChoiceResponses!C$2:C)))

It keeps adding a new row and putting the player name in the image column, can’t get it to allow me to choose player and it still remember what image I clicked.

Looking closer it seems like it has a reference error when I post the code in my sheet image

If you want to hire someone to help with your app, please see:

It seems we are so close to a solution… I think I understand most of this, just not how to have the final response be recorded by clicking the icon from the inline list of photos. I am really trying here.

How did you get that? Which sheet are you on? I don’t know why the formula would show #ref like that.

I’m looking at your sheet right now. PhotoChoices looks good. PhotoChoiceResponses looks good, but I’m not sure what you have going on with the player name in column C. PhotoChoice mostly looks good, but you need to change B$2:B to C$2:C. That’s the column that contains the image url.

You also need to have a column heading in PhotoChoiceResponses

That was a mistake, I realized it was old code.

Let me change the things you mentioned.

Drag the formula down and also add a heading to the image column in PhotoChoiceResponses

@Jeff_Hager in Photo choice, I don’t have player names in column c. Column c is supposed to be the images pulled from the response sheet via the code

do you mean like this

@Mr_Watkin and I did get it resolved the other day, but @Muhammad_iqbal your example is exactly how I pictured it. His is a little different though, because he doesn’t have emails for per user data, so he had to add a choice component on the form to select the user that’s getting the new image.