Alternate default images for profile list

I have a list of student in my app. The teacher sets up the list. Each student’s profile has an image. When there is no image for a student profile, a default is provided using If-Else-Column as described here: Add default picture URL to profile page.

However, if I have 5 students all having the same profile picture, the student list looks pretty boring. Is there a way to randomly or sequentially select the default image from a list?

I was trying to do something like:

if(image is empty AND name starts with “A”) then image A
if(image is empty AND name starts with “B”) then image B

However, I could not figure out how to do the AND in the IF condition.

Anybody has a workaround?

Yes! I was just researching this yesterday. There are avatar generators out there that will output a unique avatar based on text (so as long as there’s text to go off of —user name, eg.— each user can have their own, unique, default avatar).


If you look at my Avatar Builder concept app, you can see that I built in new functionality to create one within Glide. However, you can simply prepopulate avatars using a name or email address as part of the tinygraph avatar template.

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Thanks. Interesting idea. I presume you are planing for the teacher to select the parameters that are included in the URL?

I was hoping we could just call the URL and it would return a different image either per user or each time it is called. I tried this service:

Unfortunately, Glide caches the image per URL. That means once I get an image, it will be reused by Glide over and over again.

That’s correct. It’s just using a template column that combines the URL with the user parameters to form a unique URL per user. I wonder if Unsplash has something similar…trouble is, it would need to ensure that it’s school appropriate :grin:

Could try,USERNAME …that should be safe…

But how do I add the username to the url dynamically in the If-Else-Column?

You don’t. You create a template column first. In the example of the, the URL is as follows:

In a template column, I’ll just replace KEYWORD with the username or email address. Then, use the template column in the if-then-else column.

Thanks a lot @Robert_Petitto. Glide doesn’t like URL with commas. So unsplash is a no go. I will go with for now.

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