User Image

Hello there,

So I have profiles setup which allows users to upload a profile image. It isn’t a required field so some users choose not. Lack of user profile picture makes the app looks pretty dull.

GOAL: Pick images from Unsplash if the user hasn’t uploaded an image.

What I have done so far:

  • I have a column set for profile picture called “User Image” where the user can upload a profile picture.
  • I have created a column another column called “User Image plus” which picks image from unsplash if the user hasn’t uploaded an image using the link

Ideally I would like images from this collection Landscapes / Nature | 100+ best free outdoor, rock, wallpaper and grey photos on Unsplash

Although this picks an image but it picks the same exact image for all users without a profile picture.

Any ideas?

I haven’t tested your scenario, but it was reported by another user, too. I give some options here:

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