How do I set a default profile picture for my users?

Hi! I’m currently working on a website using Glide. I’m wondering if I can make it so my users get a custom default profile picture instead of it being blank. I am using the normal plan as I don’t want to pay for a subscription. Thanks!

Hello @callum , welcome to the community forum.

Do the following in the Users table:

  1. Create a basic image column called ImageSubmitted: this is where to store the image uploaded by your users
  2. Create a Generate Image column, set to mesh or triangle, and call the column ImageDefault: this will be the default image when a user does not upload their picture.
  3. Create an If-Then-Else column where you display ImageDefault if ImageSubmitted is empty, else display ImageSubmitted.

In place of step 2, you can also place an image of your choice, such as a silhouette, in a basic image column, which you be your ImageDefault column.

The basic idea is to have two image columns (Default and Submitted) and to use an If-Then-Else column to display one or the other.

Another approach to circumvent the If-Then-Else column could be to use the Gravatar integration, though I’ve had mixed experiences with Gravatar.


Adding to what Nathanael said, you can have an onboarding process and set the default image to the User Profiles image field if the user doesn’t upload an image after finishing onboarding.

By doing that, you can focus on using the User Profiles image field from that point onwards.

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This would need to be in a template column, otherwise you’d have to manually add it to every row.
What I normally do is store a default profile image in a lookup table somewhere, and then refer to it from the Users table with a Single Value column.


Thanks for helping! I’m a bit confused as to where I do all this though. Are you able to show me a video of it? I’m pretty bad at navigating…

here you go:


Thank you! This tutorial helped me very well. I even managed to make a default username generator with this tutorial!


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