Automatically Add Thumbnail to Row if no picture

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New Glide builder here.

I’m creating a user’s table and want Glide to automatically add a thumbnail for a user if the user doesn’t add a photo for themselves.

How can I have that happen?

I would have an image column to hold an image if a user chooses to upload one. Then I would create an IF column that checks if that image column is empty. If it is empty, then return the URL of a default image. Else return the value from the image column. Then wherever you want to display that image, use the value in the IF column.


In addition to what Jeff said above.
I normally have 3 columns for this.

  1. The Image column

  2. The Gen Image column (This is the column that generates an image based on an input, your input can be the ROWID or the name of the person you want to add the image

  3. “IF IMAGE Empty” column. This is an “IF THEN ELSE” column.

IF column “Image” is empty
THEN column “Gen Image”
ELSE “Image” column

In the front side of your App (UI) where you want to show the image of the person then you will use the “IF IMAGE Empty” column as your “feed” to that image component that you have added.


Glide also has a new plug-in column called Email to Photo with attempts to find the users Gravatar.

…of course this assumes that the user has a Gravatar…


Thank you all! Super helpful!

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