How do I display default/another image when the field image is empty?

Below is story like feature that I have been working on in my app. And you can see that some of the image is not setup for an account.

If the image is not yet setup, how can I display default/standard image?

Use an if-then-else column.

  • If image is empty, then default image
  • Else image

I also did what @Darren_Murphy did. One column of the specific logo. A different column with a generic logo. IF specific logo column empty THEN generic logo.


Solved by first uploadig default image and then using the absolute path of the image as ELSE column

You could add your default image to a Glide Image column, and then refer to that column in the if-then-else.

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OR we could go further, be little more creative and use the service with nice generative avatars with simple API (or smth similar) :slightly_smiling_face:


Just perfect!
20k/month api hit… I hope it’s enough for now.
Wouldn’t mind paying tho!

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