Add default picture URL to profile page

I have a Profile page for each user that contains an image element, when a user first logs-in I’d like to copy a default picture URL to the corresponding Picture cell, so that when the user uploads a photo the default picture URL will be overwritten.

Why not use the If Then Else column that displays a default image if the user hasn’t set one yet?

Create a column that contains the default picture in every row. Create a second column that will hold the uploaded picture. Create a third column that will use an IF statement to select the uploaded picture, ELSE use the default picture.

Alternately, create just an Upload Picture column in your sheet. Then in the data tab, create an IF-THEN-ELSE column. If the upload Picture column is filled, THEN use that picture, ELSE use a default image URL. The IF column will be used for displaying the image in the app.

thank you both @david and @Jeff_Hager - Followed your second suggestion, if I want to change the default image in the future I simply replace the default image URL :slight_smile: