How to have a "no image" placeholder

Glide used to have it so that if someone didn’t upload their profile photo yet there was still a “no image” placeholder. Now that there’s nothing there, it doesn’t look right at all…

Example of profile photo being removed

It just looks strange having no heading.

Any way to fix that??

I created my own placeholder image and conditioned it with an if-then-else field.


I’m not entirely sure how you want to handle placeholder images, but this is how I handle them.

I have a column for every user called “User-Uploaded Photo”, this is where the photo they provide will be stored. A second column called “Display Photo” is what actually shows within the app. And a third column called “Placeholder Photo”, is the one that auto-generates a placeholder image for each user.

Here’s how I set up the Display Photo and Placeholder Photo columns. Just make sure that every user profile picture you have within your app is set to the Display Photo NOT the User-Uploaded Photo.


I used to do as @Austin_Thompson


I sometimes use multi-avatar



got it! thanks everyone!!