Premium App Custom Home Screen for App

Hi There,

Im a relatively new user to glide but Im making a pretty extensive app!

The ability to give users a custom Landin page for the app when using a custom domain would be great!

I understand the landing page for the free apps however it is still extremely restrictive for apps that are paying premium as the first page the users see of the app are the same as others because of the layout… I have tried to work with the source code of that templated page but its not extremely usable to rip apart!


Any thoughts on this?

It’s a phone app, so there is no landing page, unless you are taking about the emulated view in a computer browser. If you are just looking for a website, I know some people have used third party sites like as a laying page with a link to the app. Is that you are thinking? You could have a page at with the app at a subdomain like

If you are talking about within the app, then you can design the first tab however you would like using images, rich text and any other components that are appropriate.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the response.

It is in regard to the emulated view page for one of my points. This I feel isn’t always appropriate for all apps. Some would be better to be able to say that this page is better viewed on the phone. Unless the glide system was developed in a way that the view of the app on a desktop device was full screen as like a web page (I understand this isn’t the point of glide apps however by giving the emulator I feel its sort of displayed as this way?).

By landing page of the app I should have perhaps described it better, I mean loading page of the app. The theme of the app icon and app name that Glide gives perhaps restricts apps being able to be unique? For example it would be great to have an animated loading screen for the app if you choose too? or an introductory video clip?

Thank you for your response though as I do understand there are work arounds but I feel there are still some restrictions on these bits that could make it a great chance for users to have a unique touch to their glide apps.


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