Landing page template?


I came across these when looking through other threads about landing pages.

The pages look great. Is this some kind of template? Please can someone point me in the right direction. I’d love to do one for my app.


this is an option:

you can add a container to your page, make it fullscreen using CSS and apply your desired image or color. Add the components you like to your container.

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Thanx. I don’t think it’s just an image though Casa Blanco

why not? I can mimic the look using a screenshot:

do you mean the additional components below? To do that, add more components below the container.

like this?


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On those pages, you are able to fully interact with the app. As in use the search, click the menu, view detail pages, etc.

Maybe I’m just a bit confused, I just can’t imagine how you are able to use an app within an image.

just think of it as a backdrop. You can add components within or outside of it and they work - you can click on them.
Give it a try.

I believe those landing pages were from the old Apps that were primarily designed for mobile and thats how they were shared. Now with the new Pages, which are more designed for desktop, they are no longer displayed that way.

@Joe_Gabriele can you explain more?

I’m able to do something like this with the CSS:

it works on both mobile and desktops. Quick demo


*And with a transparent text image:

I could be wrong, but I think the author was looking to have a website with the app iframed in an Iphone template, so its usable within the iFrame itself for public use. Your demo is just showing the builder.

maybe I misunderstand too… what I see in my builder is the same as what I see in my published view unless I set other conditions.

This is exactly what I meant. Thank you for the clarity.

Thank you. My app already works really well on both desktop and phone. I wanted to put it in an iphone template (iframe) like in the examples.

I don’t know about iFrame. Maybe @Himaladin or @Jeff_Hager can help you.

You’ll need a Business level Plan or higher to access iFrame. I also believe you need to contact support to have it turned on. Then you can build your own landing page and embed the app

your loading screen is really cute by the way! :baby_chick: :grin:

Thank you! I appreciate that!

Thank you. I think I will replicate the page In wordpress. I read on other threads that glide apps on their own are not searcheable on Google. So for a bit of SEO I will use a separate landing page, in which case I can do the iframe there.

So long as you have a business plan and request iFrame to be allowed. If you dont, pasting your app link into an iFrame container on your WP site wont work.

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