Landing pages for mobile glide apps

Hey Gliders,

The basic landing page in desktop mode for mobile apps is not very informative and you can’t rank in Google.

I just built a simple landing page with Dorik.

What do you think of it?


I am building a framework & UI kit (like Cards) for Glide app landing pages.

I’m starting with Dorik, but I’ll probably add Brizy, Carrd and Webflow in the future.

For the first template, you can get the JSON files for Dorik here.

For those who see value in this type of product, are you looking for a specific design or feature?

DM if you want something custom!


Interesting idea! Added the JSON file to Dorik and looks sweet, haven’t used the platform before but will give it a try should I get the opportunity and feedback here. Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks @Ric_1 :slight_smile:

Nicely Done

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Tried Dorik out and its pretty easy to use with a lot of nice design features. I created 2 pages on there:

The 1 thing I wish it did is be compatible with Webview inside Glide itself. It’s still in Beta so maybe 1 day .

Also I noticed that adding the iFrame with the Glide app triggers a “View” and “User” on Google Analytics, so if someone uses the landing page and then visits the app, it double counts them.


Glad you like Dorik Joe! Your landing page looks nice.

What Dorik page would you like to view inside your Glide app?

Yes, good point. I suppose it’s the same thing with the classic Glide landing page on desktop?


I was looking to have my blogger landing page viewable inside Glide (Tab: Bloggers and Creators) instead of having them click a button (Learn More) to view.

I’m also curious how Google will index this page and how much SEO I will get or how to improve it.

The page is great for you, I had something like that in mind and due to lack of time and knowledge I had not done it.

The design is truly great.

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