SEO & Landing pages?

It seems that Glide apps are gated and therefore pretty useless when it comes to SEO.

For our app, which is travel & accommodation related, SEO is very important so we are looking at ways in which to overcome this limitation of just the app alone.

The idea we’re looking at is to create various landing pages in WordPress, because the SEO tools available are second to none, and for our specific case we will generate different versions of the landing pages in various European languages, with keyword optimised & localised URL slugs.

Essentially, the landing pages will be used as a showcase to present our ‘Pro’ Glide app with links to the sub-domain it will reside on.

Whilst the main language of our app will be in English, we feel the landing pages if carefully & skilfully optimised will drive traffic to our website, and in turn users to our app.

Does anyone have any examples of a similar approach, i.e. using separate landing pages to promote their Glide app?

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Hi @garrison, that’s what I plan to do. I will also use the landing page to manage membership and access to the pro glide app. For this purpose I will probably use Zapier : upon new subscription, I will arrange to have zapier writing in the User Profiles sheet of the app the email address of the subscriber (the app will be email whitelisted).

I know others here have also make use of landing pages to promote their app. I don’t remember exactly the name but search for the word “Cancun” in this forum. If I find this landing page I will post the link here.

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Credits go to Jesus / @eltintero

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@Christophe_HK: Brilliant, glad to hear I’m not the only one thing along these lines.

The membership & payment is interesting because originally I was planning to use Woo Commerce maybe but it is too bloated for our simple needs.

I discovered the following simple payment plugin for WP:

I was worried about how to enable subscribers to cancel their subscriptions and this plugin has that covered with a basic solution.

Then I recently discovered that Stripe now offers a customer portal so I am now thinking about just having a payment button that links through to Stripe Checkout pages.

Maybe the beauty of this approach is we can use our dedicated landing pages to write compelling and instructive CTAs in the target European languages.

From our Glide app we will simply add some links to the payment pages on our WP site, and use that for the onboarding and access to Stripe’s customer portal.


Thanks man.
I’ve built now tons of landing pages in for my customers’ apps.
Ideally, the landing page in the domain, and the app in the subdomain.

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@eltintero: Not sold on Carrd, their template designs are too opinionated and seem to be aimed at more personal cv style one page sites. offers more, and has ability to start from a blank slate with more than one page and nav menu/structure.

Have a look at Memberstack, powerfull for susbcribers management…

Don’t agree.
You can do sooo much with Carrd. Check these out that I’ve recently made:

But everyone to his own!

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Yeah, each to his own. I don’t like the templates, and I can’t see how I can download the files to host on my own server.

Whatever you choose make sure the page speed is optimized and it is ideal for SEO.

I love Wix for my personal website, but the page speed really sucks. Besides, it also affects SEO.

can you elaborate what’s the connection between the landing page and the app?

@Leon_Kol: Well, the landing page would act as a marketing tool to explain and showcase the app, it would then simply link to the app on a sub-domain. So users would follow our main call to action and download/access our app.

Glide doesn’t give us any SEO value, hence the need for a traditional website to showcase our app.

In our case, we are targeting users in various European countries, so we need landing pages localised in their languages and the slug (url) for each page with keywords in those languages.

Hope that helps.

@sardamit: I signed up to Wix for the first time yesterday and went through the motions. It was terrible so I closed my account.

I recommend you check out The free plan is more than adequate, and offers 1 custom domain and ability to either download the files and run on your own server, or download them and sync them to your Brizy account for dynamic updating.

Nothng to lose except time but we all love tinkering around with cool new tech products, eh? :wink:

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if the landing pages have multiple languages, will they understand the app?

No, the app will be primarily in English but the landing page needs to target other languages in order to inform them of our app.

For this type of niche, it is highly recommended to have a long-term SEO strategy.

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Indeed, no matter what you use - basic seo rules remain the same. Sure thing, paid options are more advanced and will pay off eventually. However, for small businesses, moderating all the seo stuff doesn’t require high-end software.