Glide app onboarding advice, in my not-so-humble opinion

(Long rant deleted after re-reading…)

My advice would be to use a landing page service on your root domain, and put your Glide app on a subdomain, so that if I click to go there I’m already sold and expecting to sign-up. It just takes a little knowledge of how to add/delete DNS records.

(EDIT: This links below are not for a real app, I gave them as an example :slight_smile: )
landing page →
app →

Carrd is an excellent landing page builder that I’ve used on a few projects. (no affiliation)


Great advice. The automatic page we generate for you is not intended to be a “landing page” for your app—it is only intended to be your app.

Yeah, I’m a cynical person when I go to someone’s app, so there’s no way I’m giving up my email right away. Even getting a peek inside isn’t enough, I need more info! If I’m giving up my email I just assume I’m added to some mailing list. These days inbox 0 is just a dream.

For stuff like that, I always use a temp emails, like mailinator to test apps.


Completely agree! Here is an example of my platform that uses Carrd as a landing page:

landing page →
Glide app →


That’s exactly what I was talking about, nicely done @Chris_S ! It’s such a nicer experience as I can get lots of info about your service without feeling I have to immediately give up my privacy.