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When I go to an app that first wants me to sign up before I can see what’s in the app, I leave. I always want to know what I sign up for. So if I end up at a page for a Glide App that asks for a pin code, I’m out. But … if I could get an impression bij some screenshots things would be different.
I realise it won’t be high on your list, but I think the app pages would improve with the option of adding some screens to give people an idea. A bit like Producthunt does.


i agree this would be useful… useful to make a sales pitch to potential customers and also useful to give the user instructions on how to sign up for the app in a case where the app has an email whitelist for access… i see a lot of possibilities in a “landing page” before sign in and then a link or button to then proceed from the landing page to the sign in screen…

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I agree too. Right now, whilst preparing to launch I am making an app page using to do exactly that. I am also using it to get the emails for my emails whitelist. As it’s the only way I can see to get around the GDPR issue.

I think park of the problem is that the app page and the app are the same. If you resize the window it turns into the app. Which means that even if the page had other features to explain what the app does, people wouldn’t see it in mobile view.

Yeah, I see what you mean, maybe a seperate Carrd page is the way to go.

@Sandro_Brito the link doesn’t go to a valid page. What are you using?

Should be

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Apologies @George_B my phone autocorrected it.

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+1 here.

I feel that a website has to do the information part of providing information about the app. When the user then goes to the app, then the first thing any app does is to ask for the phone number or the email to sign in. After sign in, we could still have a landing page which has a Sign up button, which is when the user becomes an account holder in the app. So, why not create a landing page after sign in, in order for the user to sign up for the app features. This avoids the need for a landing page before sign in. Check my app where I am trying to create a landing page after sign in.

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@vijay the way you do it, you have already picked up personal information about the user - and they have not agreed on that.
How will you remove the data if the person doesn’t agree with your terms?

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The same goes for Uber app. They get my phone number. What can I do if Uber doesn’t delete my phone number? I can delete the Uber app, but I have no way to get Uber to not know my phone number.

I was just about to post about this.

The app page (aka the app landing page) has a lot, a lot of vacant space that could be put to good use.

I’m going to post two screenshots: one from a normal app landing page, and one from a customized app landing page. Unfortunately the customized one does not allow a visitor to use the app.

Now, which one gives you that “I understand what it does, I love it, and I want it now!” feeling ? :smiley:

Of course if required I would be more than happy to pay extra, ideally as part of upgrading to Pro :+1:
A total win would be to have the option to customize the app landing page and embed the app on our own site.

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Looks good on a desktop but how would you think it would look on a mobile device?

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Hi George,

The customized app landing page looks beautiful on mobile :star_struck:

Check it out:

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Nice design! However (hopefully) soon apps will work in desktop view (you can try them at the staging mode).

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The design is nice indeed. And for the sake of clarity the app and custom landing page are both by @Stefan_Poulos1

I would like it to be more a landing page too, with for example the possibility to upload three screens of an app so the user (in case of an app that is public with e-mail) gets an idea of the app before signing up.

There is another option - Just not sure what development effort is needed on Glide’s part.

Having a middle ground between Public and Public with Email security settings.

True, I find it really difficult people not first showing something before they enter.