Pre-Populating A Status for Calendar Events

I want to set a default status (a Choice field) for events that users add to my calendar. I’ve read the documentation and it says that:

If you want your list items to have default values, rather than being blank - pre-populate the cells with whichever choice you want to appear as default.

I’ve tried pre-populating a few rows of the Data column in my sheet with the value that I want to pre-populate. But the choice isn’t being automatically selected when I go to create a new event.

Is it not possible to do this for calendar events?

The end result that I’m trying to get to is I want a default status to be set for events that users add to the calendar. Then the admin will update that status once their booking has been confirmed. If there’s a better way to do this then please do let me know!

Here is my guess…when you pre-populate, how are you doing it? An array formula?

When you make a new item in your calendar and save it, where does it save? Does it save way at the bottom below all the pre-populated fields?

Because you have pre-populated it as you have, it’s seeing all those rows as filled already and making a new item far at the bottom.

Would be helpful if you linked your sheet instead of a screenshot.

and did you see this thread?


I’m just pasting the values in at this point.

Yes it populates a new row.

I hadn’t but I’m struggling to follow that solution to be honest. I’ll give it a try.

Ok, don’t paste values because when glide makes a new entry, it looks for a row that is blank. If you are pasting values it’s going to skip over all of your rows with information in them.

In that thread the guy makes a new column in the data view that is an IF/Then/else column and looks in the status section, if the status section is blank, he defaults to under review. Hopefully that is clear.

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Thanks for the tip!

Got it. So just to spell this out for anyone who’s new to Glide like me.

  1. Access the data view in the sidebar

  1. Add a column that’ll display the default value if the Status is empty

  1. Add both columns to your page layout

The column from the data view will display if the Status is blank. Then it’ll disappear once Status has a value and the Status will be displayed instead.

I think I was able to use a simpler solution than the one in the other thread because I don’t need to give the user a choice to pick from.

Nice! Thanks for the detailed post back.

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