Potentially Worrying - Submission Timing Bug

I think I have uncovered an issue related to submission update timing that could be fatal to certain apps. I will try to explain my data hierarchy

  • I have a sheet of patients
  • I have a sheet of episodes which is related to “parent” patient by the patient’s email
  • I have a sheet of goals which is related to “parent” episode by the episode’s row id

Within the app it is possible to create a patient, then add an episode to them, then add a goal to the episode. These three “adds” are done as three distinct submissions i.e. I add a patient, then open their details and add an episode, then open its details and add a goal.

In each case I use column components from the parent to ensure that the parent-child links are maintained correctly.

ISSUE: It seems that if I add the patient, then an episode, then a goal, quite quickly after each other then in some cases the values from the parent column (required for the linkage) do not get submitted. It’s as if there may be a delay for Glide to submit these values. I am surprised since all sheet updates are taking place in Glide so there should be no delays related to Google Sheets?

I have a degree of urgency here as we are supposed to be rolling out a customer pilot on Monday. Therefore any and all help greatly appreciated.

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I don’t think in this case it should matter, but is this a free or Pro app? I wonder if the Pro app would provide quicker results if you’re not already Pro.

Otherwise, I’m not sure why that would be happening. I know that I’ve noticed that form submissions can take anywhere from around 2 to 6 seconds to show up in my sheet, but I don’t know if that’s a Sheets thing where it doesn’t actually update in exact “real-time” but rather every 5 seconds or so.

What you could try is to hide the other Add buttons until the previous submission is “recorded” in the sheet. This way, if the issue is related to forms being submitted too quickly and confusing the system, it would prevent submissions from happening quicker than Glide/Sheets can support.


@shchc Thanks for your input. It’s Pro. I am going to run some more testing and will update in due course. Cheers.

Are the values in those columns computed in Google Sheets?

@Mark no they are not. They are simple text (email) fields:


@Mark actually I think I may see the issue. Could it be that Row Ids take longer to appear in the submitted row than the other columns? I think the app sees an “episode” for example but the RowId is not available at that same time via a column component?

Yes, the row ID is added later. I guess we’ll have to change that :slight_smile:


Ah. Ok. Makes sense I think. Thanks. At least I can see where the problem lies. Appreciated.

This will be fixed by the end of next week.