Entries to Google Sheet takes up 1 - 2 minutes

This happening just today, one of my apps take up 1 - 2 minutes to write to the google sheet.
Odd thing is, the data appears INSIDE THE APP, but not in the sheet.


I think this is normal data refresh behavior.

  • Project → Project: data refreshes in less than 10s within the project (app)
  • Project → External data source: it depends on the data source. If I recall correctly, this can be up to 3 minutes for Google Sheets and up to 5 minutes for Airtable (for Airtable, the 5-minute data refresh might be from Airtable to project).

If you hit the data sync button, your Google Sheets should refresh within seconds.

Nope, this was not the case. It only happened to one particular app that was slow, while other apps were fast/same time.

Also I’ve not encountered a 3 minute refresh before, this is unusually long!

It’s true it’s a little unusual, especially if the exact same project and data table was updating more quickly before.

I think the Glide tech team has been migrating apps to a newer system in the past few weeks. The migration happens under the hood, we Glide developers aren’t supposed to do or notice anything, though this migration might explain the data refresh delays you are experiencing. Possibly.

I suspect so too, due to the migration, because I have another bug where:
a) a required signature, isn’t required! This was posted in the community group.

b) The Screen column isn’t working as usual, but lucky I was able to rely on the User Profile column. This hasn’t been reported as I was trying to find a quick workaround.

Indeed there has been an unusual amount of reports of buggy behavior in recent weeks, it’s unclear if this is due to the migration or developer behavior. We’ll know once the migration is behind us.

I hope so, I’ve had 2 major issues from clients today and I had to be red alert.

I’ve experienced sudden dramatic slowdowns. Turns out clearing my browser cache resolved the issue instantly.

Not sure why, but worth a try ?

This should be fixed.

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