Point of sale app

for a point of sale app, i would need the staff to be able to:

  • choose one client (from a list of hundreds)
  • associate a number of products (from a list of thousands) to that sale, defining the quantity bought for each product and possible special discount on one particular product
  • display the total amount to pay

i can’t figure out how to build this with glide:

  • i can’t search in the choice component (making it impossible to find one specific client/product in the list)
  • i don’t know how many products will be bought in one sale, so using the choice component would mean having like 20 or so product choice fields + the corresponding quantity + special discount in one screen to be able to cover the maximum hypothetical amount of product purchases in one sale. or, one form per product, which would mean going back and forth…
  • how can i go from here to displaying the final amount to pay?