Playing with some of the new features


Great as ever from you :+1: :+1: :+1: :

How come I didn’t see this thread!


Great @Jeff_Hager.

  • How did you do the first line jumping a screen then moving to a form?!
  • Within the calendar, the ‘share this event’ did not work for me in none events.
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Looks like an inline list (Compact List) with a show form action.

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  • Close to what @shchc said, but it actually an inline list in the Cards style with only the Avatar Text and Caption set. The inline list comes from a separate sheet that calculates the current time with a math column and a basic column that contains the text ‘+ Add Event’. It has the show form action set.
  • How were you viewing the app? I don’t know if anything will happen on a desktop browser. The top image is an inline list set from a self relation that links the event back to itself so I can show the image and link as a Tile layout. The action for the inline list is set to ‘Show Sharing Options’. It will show the share sheet on a phone, but it looks like it does nothing on a desktop.
  1. Thanks for sharing the approach.
  2. Yes, you’re right, it works on phone but not on mobile
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