Default view calendar in inline list

Good day. when I select inline list-calendar the default view is not displayed. i need default view calendar. please help

If I recall right the inline list only offers one view, you can’t switch to the other one.

yes, I create a tab, indicate the table of users, create a detail - inline list - and select a calendar. default view is not displayed

In the previous screen, can you try setting the action on the item list to “Link to screen” and set the relation as the value? I think it would do the trick.

только что получилось. спасибо большое

Yes that’s the place, can you try setting the relation you used here as the source value for that.


Happened. thank you very much.

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Glad I could help :wink:

Hi how can I achieve the 1hr time period?

You do that with an event picker component that picks a starting and ending time for your event, then in the calendar layout set those as start and end times.

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Okay does this mean the person booking the appointment now has to choose a start and end time because that’s what I am avoiding

How do you expect the flow to be if they don’t choose their starting and ending time?

Basically wanted to pick a time and the standard time would always be 1hr but thanks for the help

If you can make it always one hour then you can let them choose only the start time using a date time picker, and use a math column to calculate the end time.

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