Capture Date Selected between screens

Hi Guys,

Trying to do something simple, but is stuck at the moment. I have 3 sheets, “Players”, “Events” “Responses”
Players - names of players
Events - Date and name of events
Responses - to capture the response i.e. player available for specific event or not.
First Screen - List the Events (calendar layout) - linked to “Events” sheet
Second Screen- provide the list (Inline List) of players - linked to “Players” sheet
Third Screen - (is form) which captures the response, with email date of response etc. - linked to “Responses” sheet. I am able to record the Players information and current-date and availability, via switch component.

Problem: I do not know how to share the Date selected in the First Screen from calendar layout, to record this when the Third Screed (form) is submitted.

It is most likely simple, but I am stuck at the moment, need some guidance.


Is there a reason you don’t want to use a form inside the details view of each event?

I tried this, but the I end up having a “Submit” action on both screens 2 and 3. It will be help full if I can do everything on the 2nd screen but then I do not have access to the “Players” sheet info. What I failed to mention is that I will need a Inline List on the second screen as there might be a number of players to a parent. Below the 3 Screens

Thank you @ThinhDinh I found a solution

Interesting flow. It would be great if you share you solution with the community. :blush:
Thanks in advance.