Help for displaying multiple calendar dates inside a component

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I am having a bit of a hardtime trying to add multiple event date in a component. So far i can only add one date. I saw other apps having multiple component but i cant figure out how to do it. Can someone help me with this please? Basically i have a date column in my sheet for that component but it can only displays 1 date at the time. My app is a event booking app so i need to display multiple calendar dates. Can someone please help me out?

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Luc Anthony[Here my app and the date that is displayed is in my column date in which i added 3 different dates but only one is displaying.](

I’m not understanding what you are asking. These multiple dates, are they in the same row different columns or same column different rows?

same column different rows

You don’t use a component in that case. In the Layout view change it from Details to one of the Lists. That will show you rows. When you select a row, then you will see the details and add, subtract, or move components around.

I’m sorry but I’m sure to understand. How can I do that?

We would need more info from you to help. The single screen shot you shared is for adding/editing a single component so it is hard to see what you are trying to do. If you create a short movie of your app in action we may be able to help a bit more.

Hi Geoge,
Thanks for the return. Here is the link to my app :

When you get on the page, please follow these steps :

  • The first tab at the bottom left of the page, that’s where i am having issue.
  • In that same first tab named “Discover”, when you click on the first image,
  • You will land on a new page with a map, a title, and a date.
  • That date is the one i am having issues with, i am trying to display more than one date.

So my app is a booking app for dance classes and the dance studios i have on the app have multiple events so i would like to add more than one date to make the user experience better.

What I would do is to first create a form button. You can set up the form button to write the event and date to a new sheet. Next i would create a reference to link the event to the events on the new sheet. Then below the form button, I would create an inline list that uses the new reference and change the style to calendar.

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for the answer, i really appreciate the help.
I am not sure to understand how to creat a form button.

Can you show me what your google looks like for that page please??

Thanks in advance

Take a look at this first. If you have questions I can explain further.

As Jeff said you need to create an inline list component but first have a reference link to tie the list to the parent. The parents in this case are the Studios that are listed on the Discover page. A separate sheet would hold the events with a link back to the parent. Take a look for tutorials on creating Relations.

I am not sure how the form button can help me with my issue. It does not help me at all Jeff. Sorry

Hi Geroge, Thanks the suggestion, i will watch the tutorials for relations and inline list component.
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Luc Anthony

You would use the form button to enter one date at a time into the new sheet, then use the inline list to display all of the dates that were entered for that event. In my screenshot above, the Add Billing Date button opens a form. In there I enter a From date and a To date and submit the form. Then my inline list updates with the newly created date range. Maybe I’m not understanding what you want, but from what I understand, it should work since you were trying to enter multiple dates in a single editable date component.

I figure out how to do it. Thanks alot to both of you. I sincerly appreciate your time and attention.
Luc Anthony


Could you please share? I too would like to know how you arrived at your solution.

Thank you

Yes sure, just give me a moment I don’t have my computer With me at the moment. I will share as soon as I do

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Here the tutorial that explains in details, the steps to display multiple calendar dates :slight_smile:

I need to create invoice and billing included cash on delivery also

i can sell the whole thing to you and you can use it how ever you want.

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