More layers of details in a Tab

Hi There…

I Would like to se more layers of details in a Tab. How to do that?
In my case, I have a list with dates (in calendar format). After clincking in that date I whant to se times, and, clincking on it, see the rest of informations.

OBS: Allt datas are in the same tab of a spreadsheet (google).

This is my first topic…sorry for something!!!

Thanks a lot

So I assume you’re displaying events in the calendar. What “times” do you want to display here in your middle level?

The Project is a Spreadsheet to managing Gym classes, than, the time is when the class starts!

1º level: Date of event
2º level: list with time of event (The same day can have more than one time)
3º level: list with names of clients
4º level: All details of client

OBS: All data are in the same tab of the spreadsheet!

Thanks a lot.

I’m little confused of the first 2 steps, shouldn’t you have a “unique dates” sheet first if you only want to display the date?

Let’s say, I see two lines on 13 Oct 2020, how should it be presented in your calendar? Don’t you want to add the start and ending time in there as well, so combine the 1st and 2nd level?

Yes, You got that!
See in the app is already combined. The date format recognize the dates from spreadsheet as one!

I would actually have the starting time and ending time with dates in there as well and show them as separate events inside a calendar, to combine the 1st to levels. It would be a little confusing if I see the starting and ending time as 8:00 and 9:00 then open and see there’s another option between 20:00 and 21:00.