Hello ! I’m building a simple billing tracking apps. I would love to included a calendar.
I have one row per bill but each bill can be link to several events. Can I make those several events show up on the calendar from one single row ?
Thanks for any suggestion !

When you say they can be linked to several events that implies that you have an Events sheet with back links to a bill. So you would be able to create a calendar view based on this Events sheet.

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Thanks ! Ok for the events sheet. But could you give me example of kind of back link i should create ? Thanks again !!

Hard to give you an example without totally understanding what you are trying to accomplish. If you have an example app or a spreadsheet maybe if you share those someone may be able to help.

Hey George,

I’m interested in how you’d go abouts creating a calendar view based on a pre-existing events sheet (with Title, time, location…etc)

Just take a look at the Conference Template. That has a calendar view. Just select Calendar in the layout view.

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