Embed google calendar

I want to embed a google calendar in my employees app for the dates of there birthdays. How do I embed the google calendar, were in the sheet I have to set the link? Can anyone show me what to do? First I made a calendar list in the app, but then I have to change the dates every year, I think…?
I am a real beginner!

You can’t embed a google calendar within the app. You could probably use some sort of zapier integration to write calendar events to a sheet as well.

If it’s only for birthdays, it might be easier to store the name and a starting date in the sheet. Then use a formula to pick out the month and day from the date and put it back together with the current year. You can probably add to it to check if the date is prior to Today(), then add 1 to the current year so it then shows up for next year. This can all be displayed in a calendar layout.

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Thank you, i already found a topic in this forum, i think it was answered by you! :grin:

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