Webview and google calender

Help! I would really like to connect my google calander with my app, i have copied a link that google calender claims will allow it to be embedded but glides will not embed it. I am trying to do it with the webview component and i do have a pro app.

Yeah…Google is notorious for faulty embed links. Will need to experiment a bit.

Don’t use this embed code :point_down:

Copy and paste the last embed code. :point_up_2: Please try this.

Thanks for sharing. It does work.

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I have done that link but it still wont link… is there maybe something specific that i need to place into the sheet? Do you think it matters whether you put the link into the google sheet or the glidesapp sheet?

mhm sorry, i have tried it with a different google calender and now it is working for the other calender but not mine haha… at least i have figured out one part! thankyou for your help! now to figure out why mine will not work.

absolutely love glidesapp and excel sheets… but it does get me stuck occassionally so it is so awesome to have cool people such as yourself helping me get unstuck! thanyou :smiley:

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Did you check this section before you copied the embed code?
Maybe this is the cause. There may be other factors. Maybe you can share your calendar settings in a screenshot

Screenshot 2022-03-16 190345

You are free to put it anywhere as long as you display it with the webview component or directly in the webview component’s entry column.