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Good evening, Gliders,

I have been struggling for awhile and come to you for guidance.

Glide App:

I have 2 inline lists from 2 different tables on a single details tab

  • I have allowed edits IF field event manager is signed in user.
  • I have developed the form to edit the Event details (inline list 1, Events table) perfectly.
  • But I need the event manager to be able to edit the calendar (as well as add new calendar dates for next year).
  • How does calendar editing/adding work on Glide Apps - I can’t seem to get to the dates for a specific event.

Special question to @Robert_Petitto : I still have a tab you helped me build when the
Calendar layout wasn’t working properly. It is a visual calendar created using a Cards layout. Maybe editing a Calendar layout list simply doesn’t work like I want it to? Any ideas about if AND how I make the calendar editing feature work in the Cards layout? A single event manager will manage multiple events so I have to be able to edit/add dates for a specific event.

You can set the action on a calendar style list just like any other list. If you allow a user to click on a calendar list item to view it’s details, then you can allow editing on the calendar item details screen, and control edit authority accordingly.

If you currently don’t have an action on your calendar list, you then you could set up a custom action. That custom action would have an IF statement that checks if the user has authority to edit the calendar item. If they have authority, then call an action to edit the item. Otherwise clicking on a calendar item will do nothing if the user does not have authority to edit it.

As for adding new calendar items, it could be as simple as a form button that’s conditionally visible based on the user, or an action text component with a show form action that is conditionally visible based on the user.

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Thank you! I was able to create the edit form as well as design an add form to the Calendar inline list adding a row in the Calendar table. Need more testing but it seems to do what I want it to do.

Except for one important point…

In adding a new row the Calendar table (which includes start and end date fields), I must be able to have it automatically indicate the event name in the Calendar table Event Name field (which is used to relate to the Event table}.

I have tried a couple of things including the Submit action to be “set column value” trying to get it to place the Event Name (again, a field from the Event Table) in the Event Name.

My test results is that it is adding the row and all fields as desired to the Calendar table except the Event Name. It remains blank on the Calendar table.

Any other suggestions?


You should be able to add a column component to a form, which will pass along any value from the parent table row that contains the form button.


@Jeff_Hager WHAT THE HELL???

Never knew of this!
Never heard of this!
Isn’t in the list of components!
Put “column” in the component filter list and all of my fields popped up!

This would have had me complete this app MONTHS AGO!!!

Don’t know whether to do a happy dance or scream because I didn’t know this feature!


It should be in the list of components within a form, add, or edit screen. Just might need to scroll a little to see them.

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